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Ludlow Memorial Company

Ludlow, MA -- (413) 589-7564

Ludlow Memorial Company was incorporated 1959 in Massachusetts for retail sales of foreign and domestic granite in the Western Mass area.

With that conservative beginning of supplying Bare Gray familiar granite from the Rock of Ages quarry in Barre, Vermont, we expanded our supply of granite from countries such as South Africa, China, Norway, Sweden and India.

Unlike others, we supply the complete product: the acquisition of granite; the design; the carving; and the installation. This makes Ludlow Memorial Company a recognized leader in the Industry.

All services that we provide are completed by Ludlow Memorial staff.

Services include:

  1. Family Memorials
  2. Commemorative Memorials for State, Federal, Town
  3. On-Site Engraving
  4. Historical Restoration
  5. Cleaning
  6. Building Granite
  7. Signage
  8. Granite Pavers and Installation

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