What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the act of propelling very fine particles of an abrasive material at high velocity toward a surface in order to clean or etch it. We sandblast the stone in order to add the desired names, dates, designs on to an existing monument.

LMC is called when an individual who is apart of a family plot has passed now needs to be added to the monument. LMC is skillfully trained in sandblasting, and has the ability to do this work right on-site. LMC has all the necessary equipment and staff to perform such request through the plotter process to the final completion.

LMC will help with all required paperwork from the cemetery, and will verify work to be completed. LMC is also here to offer assistance if you would like ideas on how to remember your loved ones by adding any additonal designs pending cemetery approval.

How the Process Works.......

The sandblasting service has a few different stages. We first discuss with the family on the information they would like put on the monument, it could be a full name with dates, or simply just a year of death. However much is added the service all requires the same attention to detail. Next we locate the cemetery, lot and section and take a picture and rubbing of the existing stone and the inscription. By us doing this it ensures the letting to be exact this includes, style, spacing, and size.

Sandblasting is a specialized service and requires skill as well as the proper weather. LMC cannont work on a stone which is wet, that means that the weather determines our schedule for completion. We cannot work in extreme temps either cold or hot. LMC will keep you updated on completion of all lettering.